Simplicity, Birds and Shades of Green

I’ve always loved the beginning of new months. To me, it feels like a fresh start –a blank, clean slate of days and weeks just waiting to be lived and new adventures waiting to be had. It’s as if the flipping of the calendar reminds me that this life is in constant motion. We are always moving toward something. We are en route to somewhere. We are in flux.

The beginning of November feels different in Thailand than in America. Instead of the last leaves falling from the trees and the cool, crisp air reminding me that winter is on its way, I look outside and see vibrant shades of green and feel the warm tropical air moving through my open balcony door. Instead of animals hibernating or heading to warmer climates, the birds that wake me up each morning are content to stay right outside my window.

Physical differences aside, time also feels different here. Life moves at a different pace. I’m still en route to somewhere, but there’s less of a rush on this part of the journey. I don’t count down the days until the weekend or cross off weeks until the end of a semester. Things feel simpler. Not as stressful. More flexible. Less structured.

So my advice to you? This month, simplify your life. Find what makes you happy and then do it. For me, that means eating vegetables and chocolate every day (but not together…obviously), mastering the crow pose in yoga (I’m determined), and hanging out with a bunch of Thai kids (the best).

Happy November. Cheers to a simpler life.

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