Why you should train for races in foreign countries…

…no really, you should!

Because as if crossing “run a road race in a different country” off my bucket list isn’t going to be inherently awesome enough, allow me to enlighten you with five reasons why it’s such a great idea, and why you’ll probably want to do it too. :)

(Note: These five reasons are specific to Thailand, but I’m sure you could find five similar reasons for numerous countries.)

Reason #1: There is an endless amount of rice with which to carb-load before long runs. Would you like that with curry, garlic, basil, tofu, vegetables or fried with chicken na ka?

Reason #2:  You can get crazy awesome massages the day after your long run (or any day, for that matter) for less than $10/hour. (This might possibly be my favorite of these reasons. And one of my favorite things about Thailand in general.) I sprang for the two hour option today, and I swear the extra hour was purely an hour of torture. Massage lady found places on my body I didn’t know existed. And then massage lady stretched and pulled and basically destroyed said places. She should hook up with my physical therapist back home, who also likes torturing me. But hey, no pain, no gain, right?

Reason #3: It’s January and I can train outside without wearing leggings, gloves, three shirts and a hat. Ironically, though, I hear it’s been an unseasonably warm winter so far in the Midwest, which would happen the one year I actually get to miss it. And I’m assuming it’s saving its worst for when I get home in mid-February. Thanks, Iowa. Love you too.

Reason #4: MapMyRUN.com has maps of basically every city in the world available, Pattaya, included. So you can even map out your mileage overseas. Sweet!

Reason #5: You can run along the beach while the sun rises. The scenery *almost* makes you forget you’re even running.

Have I convinced you yet?

5 thoughts on “Why you should train for races in foreign countries…

    • Graaace, come train with me in Pattaya. 10-miler together next weekend? :)

      Also, why did it leave your comment as me? Am I still logged in on your computer?!

  1. Wow those pictures are breath taking….I am sure I could pound out a marathon looking at that scenery. Safe travels back to Iowa.

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