Thankful Game, April style

To start off April – the fateful month in which my mother brought me into this world 23 wonderful(?) years ago – let’s play the thankful game. No better way to usher in a new month, right?

Here goes:

I’m thankful for spring.

And I’m thankful for the vibrant shades of green that come along with the season.

I’m thankful for (nearly) 23 years of life.

And I’m thankful for morning yoga.

I’m thankful for curling irons.

And I’m thankful for homemade granola.

I’m thankful for people who let me sleep in their spare bedrooms and on their couches – Amy&Rita&Rachel&Osvaldo&Eric&Mr.&Mrs.Graf.

And I’m thankful for bridal showers (not my own, lest you think I’m withholding important information from you) and for little sisters who are all grown up.

(bridesmaids L to R: groom’s sister, friend, the BRIDE, my sister-in-law, and me. I am the shortest, of course.)

I’m thankful that toenails grow back.

And I’m thankful that I’m one of the 2 percent of people in the world with green eyes. Pretty cool, huh?

I’m thankful for people who unassumingly go out of their way to accomodate those of us who are gluten-free.

And I’m thankful for Pandora. Especially the Mumford & Sons and Clair de Lune stations.

I’m thankful that my parents took us on road trips all around the country when we were kids.

And I’m thankful that my mom made us learn the state capitals and birds and flowers and mottos as we drove. (Don’t test me, though.)

I’m thankful for Diet Lipton green tea.

And I’m thankful for legs that can run and jump and do yoga.

I’m thankful for good sermons to pass long hours of driving.

And I’m thankful for open windows and cool breezes.

I’m thankful for the scent of the red clover and basil candle burning next to me.

And I’m thankful for Google Reader.

I’m thankful for coffee and quiet times.

And I’m thankful for reminders like 1 Thessalonians 5:17: “Be joyful always; pray continually; give thanks in all circumstances.”

Join me in giving thanks in all circumstances during this new month, and especially during this Holy Week. So much to be thankful for, not least of which is the sacrifice this week represents.

Happy April, friends :)

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